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organizing your personal finances to find extra money

3 Things To Avoid Doing When Using A Fast Cash Loan

by Clémence Moulin

Fast cash loans are a convenient way to get money quickly. If you find yourself in a small financial jam a fast cash loan may be able to get you out of it. However, there are a number of things like high-interest rates and extra fees that can make paying back a fast cash loan difficult. If you aren't careful you can easily find yourself in debt after using a fast cash loan. There are a few things you should avoid doing while using a fast cash loan.

Agree to Precomputed Interest

Short-term loans usually come with either precomputed interest or simple interest. Simple interest calculates interest based on each individual day. Therefore, if you pay the loan within a few days, then you will only pay interest for those few days. Precomputed interest calculates the entire interest you will owe during the duration of the loan and adds it to your loan balance. If you decide to pay your loan back early, then you sill have to pay for the interest that you have not accumulated yet. You have to ask your lender for a rebate or refund to get the amount you have overpaid. In order to avoid this headache, make sure that your fast cash loan uses simple interest.

Renewing Your Loan

People tend to renew their fast cash loan if they do not have enough money to pay off the entire loan by the deadline. Renewing the loan increases the interest rate and requires you to take out additional loans in order to pay the first loan off. If you are not careful you can end up going into debt trying to pay off your initial fast cash loan. As a result, use a long-term loan to pay off the remaining balance of your fast cash loan. Long-term loans have lower interest rates and can be paid off throughout a longer span of time.

Getting Loan Extensions

Loan extensions are designed to give you extra time to pay the loan back. Since a due date is agreed upon before you are given the loan a loan extension adds an extra fee to your balance. As a result, make sure that you only borrow money that you will be able to pay back at the agreed upon deadline.

Fast cash loans are an easy way to get you out of a small financial bind. However, abusing them can put you in a financial crisis. As a result, use these tips to ensure you are able to pay off your fast cash loans.