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organizing your personal finances to find extra money

What Are The Benefits Of Payday Loans?

by Clémence Moulin

Payday loans get a bad rap because some borrowers choose to extend their loans excessively, which results in substantial fees. Payday lenders must charge a higher fee than traditional lenders, because of the high risk of default. 

However, for responsible borrowers, payday loans can save the day when you need fast cash and have limited options due to credit problems. Payday loans also have practical advantages over other sources of fast cash.

What is a payday loan?

Payday loan lenders will allow an individual to borrow money until their next payday, using the borrower's next paycheck as collateral. The amount of the loan will depend upon the borrower's weekly pay and a fee charged.

The fee will be based on the amount of the loan. If the borrower cannot repay the loan on their next payday, payday loan lenders will extend the loan to the next payday for an additional fee.

You need a verifiable income and checking account to qualify for a payday loan, but your credit history is not considered.

Why are payday loans a good choice for borrowers in need of fast cash?


When an emergency occurs, a borrower needs cash as fast as possible. Payday lenders can deposit your money into your checking account on the same day that you apply.

Payday loans can be used for medical or dental emergencies for borrowers who don't have insurance coverage but need simple but necessary treatment for issues such as infections or dental pain. While most emergency rooms will provide outpatient treatment to a patient without insurance, the bill can be substantial, even for merely prescribing antibiotics or painkillers.

Payday loans can also be used for emergency car repairs when a borrower needs their vehicle to get to work. Waiting until payday for repairs and missing several days of work is not an option for many workers.

Paying bills

If you are facing a utility shutoff, a payday loan can keep your power or phone service on and enable avoidance of re-connection fees and the inconvenience of having your utilities disconnected.

A payday loan can also be used to pay a bill that is approaching thirty or sixty days late, enabling a borrower to protect their credit rating. A thirty, sixty, or ninety days late payment will remain on your credit reports for seven years, and will cause you to pay substantially higher interest rates for future credit purchases.


Other options for obtaining fast cash, such as pawn shops and title loans, require the borrower to travel to the location and surrender property to secure a loan. Pawn shops will only lend a fraction of the value of your property, which they will retain until you repay the loan, and title loan companies will require you to add their name to your car title as a lien holder. You must pay an additional fee for this service.

While you can apply for payday loans in person, you can also receive payday loans online. All you need is to do is supply your employment and checking account information. When your information is verified, the money will be deposited into your checking account. You will also be provided with a fee schedule, so you will know exactly how much you need to repay the lender.

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