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organizing your personal finances to find extra money

Why Buying A Property Is Better Than Leasing For Business Owners

by Clémence Moulin

Are you considering purchasing a business space but wondering whether leasing is a better choice? For short-term business solutions, leasing may be the better option. A seasonal business is an example of a short-term business solution. However, if you have plans to stay in business for years to come, it is worth your while to consider the benefits of buying your own space. 


When you lease a property, there is always a level of uncertainty. Imagine leasing a property for many years and garnering loyal customers. Then imagine what would happen if the owner of the property you are leasing decides to raise the lease amount for the location due to significant growth in the area and appreciation of the value of the location. This could make it difficult for you to maintain a profitable business at the new rate. Under this scenario, you might be forced to relocate, and in the process, you could lose customers who may have seen value in your business due to its convenient location. Opting for ownership will allow you to have more control over the physical location of your business and will ensure that you are less likely to have to relocate. 

Better Predictions on Costs

When you decide to buy a property, the mortgage will clearly outline the amount due each month as well as the period of time that payments are expected to be made. When you know what most of your definite business expenses are and the amounts, it is easier to assess cash flow resulting in better business operations. 

Under a leasing scenario, the terms are renewed at the end of each expiration period. This means that your landlord for the leasing space may make unannounced changes to the cost of the lease at the beginning of each new leasing period. These potential variable leasing costs could cause cash flow issues and make it difficult to make approximations regarding operational costs. 

A commercial banking provider, like State Bank of Cross Plains, is the best resource to use if you need to know more benefits of buying a commercial space. They may also be able to extend competitive interest rates and financing terms. They can help you to better understand the benefits of choosing a location that has a history of land appreciation. For example, the value of your business may appreciate as land in the area appreciates in value, which could result in significant profits for you if you ever decide to retire and sell your business to a buyer looking for an established business in the same industry as yours.