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organizing your personal finances to find extra money

Why It's Time For Your Bank To Offer Video Banking Solutions

by Clémence Moulin

As a bank, you want your employees to provide customers with solid financial advice that will benefit the customer and the bank. It can be hard to give anyone advice if you have fewer and fewer face-to-face interactions these days. Here's why it might be time for your bank to pivot to video banking solutions.

It's a Mobile World

Even before COVID-19 happened, many banks were starting to restructure or reduce their in-person staff. This is because, in today's world, more and more people are doing all of their banking on their smartphones or other connected devices. People can now deposit a check or even open an account right from your app or website. This creates a situation where your bankers aren't getting as much face-to-face time with clients because it's more convenient for the customer to just do everything on their phone. Video baking solutions can be coded right into your existing website or app. Customers will be able to quickly and easily get the face-to-face interaction they need without having to make a trip to the bank.

Improve Chances of Selling New Financial Products

Once the right video banking solution is installed on your customers' phones, this will not only provide them with a convenient way to talk to your bankers again, but it could also provide your bankers and financial advisors with new opportunities to sell your financial products. These suggestions will also come organically as part of the regular advice the advisor is providing — not through an advertisement on your website or an email offer. When your bank works in a sales pitch for a new financial product into an organic conversation with a banker, it won't feel as forced or like you are advertising, and the customer may be more willing to listen to the offer.

COVID Is Not Going Away

COVID-19 has caused a significant change in many industries, banking included. Since the pandemic looks like it's not going to go away anytime soon, it's important that your bank is able to pivot to a different strategy that will both take care of your customers and keep the bank's profits up in the long run. Video banking provides face-to-face interaction in a completely safe environment, protecting both your employees and your customers during this difficult time.

Bring your bank up to speed with the latest tech in the financial space by contacting a provider of video banking solutions today.