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organizing your personal finances to find extra money

4 Times You Should Consider A Bail Bondsman

by Clémence Moulin

Many courts demand bail before releasing a person from custody pending trial. Many people also use bail bonds to obtain their release or that of someone they care about. You might not be sure if you should use a bondsman so let's look at four scenarios where it's probably a good idea.

Can't Afford Bail

This is the simplest and most common reason. Bail bonds are fundamentally financial products. A bail bondsman usually runs a business or works for one that loans the surety money that promises a defendant will return for court hearings. Like with any loan, the bail bondsman profits from fees and interest. If you can't afford bail, this is a reasonable way to finance the process.

Spreading Out the Cost

Even if you can afford bail, you may not necessarily want to take that big of an upfront hit on paying it. That is especially true if you're helping someone else out. Rather than fronting all the money, you can use bail bonds to spread out the costs and take some of the sting out of what can be an expensive process.

Access to the Courthouse and Jail

Someone has to go to the court and pay the bond. Likewise, the person paying the bond, if they're not the same person the state is holding, probably wants to know the defendant will be released.

There are plenty of scenarios where you might not be able to pay bail bonds in person. Someone who has to work at the time of a defendant's arraignment may use a bail bondsman so someone trusted can handle the process. In another scenario, the defendant might be in a whole other state, possibly across the country. The bondsman usually has an office just up the road from the courthouse so they can pay and then make sure the state releases the defendant.

The Court Won't Accept Certain Assets

People can post bonded using certain assets if the judge allows it. For example, someone might put up the title to their house as a surety. However, not all assets are easily convertible, and courts can frown on taking unusual assets like collectibles or cryptocurrencies. This is especially true if the assets are hard to appraise or liquidate.

A bond company, on the other hand, may be more open. You can't assume they'll take something as collateral, but they may be willing to negotiate and arrive at an accommodation. 

For more information, contact a bondsman in your area.