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organizing your personal finances to find extra money

The Benefits of Obtaining a SPAC Fairness Opinion for Your Business

by Clémence Moulin

When taking a company public via a merger with a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), obtaining an independent fairness opinion can provide substantial value and protection for all parties involved. Here's an overview of SPAC fairness opinions and why they are so advantageous.

What Is a SPAC Fairness Opinion?

A SPAC fairness opinion is prepared by an independent valuation firm to assess whether the terms of a proposed merger transaction between a private operating company and a SPAC are financially fair from a financial point of view.

The opinion is addressed to the operating company's board of directors to inform their decision on whether to approve the merger. It provides an objective, third-party validation that the valuation and deal terms are reasonable for existing shareholders.

Key Benefits of a Fairness Opinion

The core benefit of a fairness opinion is validating that the valuation and deal terms are fair. The opinion provides shareholders confidence that the merger consideration offered reflects the company's fair market value.

The valuation firm will conduct detailed financial analyses, such as discounted cash flow models, precedent transaction multiples, and a review of trading comparables. This provides an in-depth, data-driven assessment of the company's value.

Power in Negotiations

Obtaining a fairness opinion shifts negotiating leverage in the operating company's favor. The opinion limits the SPAC's ability to pressure the company into accepting a lower valuation.

Knowing the company has a reputable valuation firm on its side, the SPAC will be incentivized to propose fair terms aligned with the company's standalone value. The opinion makes it clear the board will not approve a deal that undervalues the business.

Protection Against Liability

In the event a deal is later challenged by shareholders, the fairness opinion provides liability protection for the board of directors. The opinion shows the board exercised proper due diligence in reviewing the valuation rather than approving the terms arbitrarily.

Enhanced Credibility

Fairness opinions boost the overall credibility of the deal and demonstrate the board's commitment to maximizing shareholder value. This generates confidence in the process among investors and can lead to higher trading prices post-merger.

The objectivity and reputation of the valuation firm also enhance the marketability of the deal. Their stamp of approval signals that an experienced third party has reviewed the terms thoroughly.

Wrapping Up 

While obtaining a fairness opinion represents an additional upfront cost, the long-term benefits for shareholders typically far outweigh the expense. The opinion provides assurance that the valuation is sound, strengthens the company's negotiating hand, limits liability, and boosts market confidence in the deal. For businesses considering a SPAC merger, a fairness opinion is generally an investment well worth making.

For more info about SPAC valuations, contact a local company.