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organizing your personal finances to find extra money

Sometimes financial problems can be solved relatively easily. I was struggling to make it from week to week until I learned that some financial organization could change my spending habits. If you can organize your personal finances, you will see exactly where all of your hard earned money goes. You will be shocked to see how much the morning coffee and donuts cost you each month. This blog will provide you with information that can help you get your personal finances organized so that you don't have to continue struggling from paycheck to paycheck throughout each and every month this year.

organizing your personal finances to find extra money


4 Reasons You Still Need Professional Help After Tax Reform

With the passing of tax reform efforts, many taxpayers wonder if this means that they will now be able to prepare their own taxes. Certainly, some advocates of reform efforts touted the current changes as making things easier and more efficient. But has it turned out so? And can you now try to do it without professional assistance? Here are a few answers. 1. Tax Reform Moved Things Around While much has been made of the simplification of Form 1040, many taxpayers won't notice a particularly simpler form.