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organizing your personal finances to find extra money

Sometimes financial problems can be solved relatively easily. I was struggling to make it from week to week until I learned that some financial organization could change my spending habits. If you can organize your personal finances, you will see exactly where all of your hard earned money goes. You will be shocked to see how much the morning coffee and donuts cost you each month. This blog will provide you with information that can help you get your personal finances organized so that you don't have to continue struggling from paycheck to paycheck throughout each and every month this year.

organizing your personal finances to find extra money


The Benefits of Obtaining a SPAC Fairness Opinion for Your Business

When taking a company public via a merger with a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), obtaining an independent fairness opinion can provide substantial value and protection for all parties involved. Here's an overview of SPAC fairness opinions and why they are so advantageous. What Is a SPAC Fairness Opinion? A SPAC fairness opinion is prepared by an independent valuation firm to assess whether the terms of a proposed merger transaction between a private operating company and a SPAC are financially fair from a financial point of view.

How A CPA Can Help You Prepare For Tax Time

When you run a small business, you know that tax time is one of the most difficult and time-consuming periods of the entire year. This is especially true if you did not stay as organized as you should have throughout the year. You will find yourself scrambling to put everything in order. Small business owners have a lot on their plate, and making sure paperwork is ready for tax season can sometimes seem like something that you do not need to deal with immediately.

Payroll Essentials For Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, payroll is one of your most important responsibilities. But with all the rules and regulations surrounding payroll processing, it's easy to get overwhelmed. To help you stay organized and compliant, here are three essential aspects of a successful payroll system that every small business owner should be aware of. Accurate Employee Information Your payroll process starts with accurate employee information. This includes each employee's name, address, phone number, email address, job title, and start date.

An Overview Of Business Bookkeeping Services

Running a business can be overwhelming, but keeping track of your finances often makes it manageable and facilitates its growth. Bookkeeping services include creating accounting data files and acquiring a full-charge bookkeeper and a controller. Accounting software specialists are the creators of accounting data files, which include assets, liability, expenses, and equity accounts. Assets are your business' money, valuables, and resources, while liabilities are its monetary and obligational debts. Expenses are the money your business spends to facilitate its management, i.

Just Received An Inheritance? Why You Need A Wealth Management Advisor

It's not every day that a person comes into a windfall of cash. Some people can only dream of being on the receiving end of a huge inheritance, even though the vision may never make it to reality. Although you might not have even been aware of it, someone thought so highly of you that they decided to make you a beneficiary of a sizable fortune. What you do from this moment forward is going to determine how your financial future plays out.

4 Times You Should Consider A Bail Bondsman

Many courts demand bail before releasing a person from custody pending trial. Many people also use bail bonds to obtain their release or that of someone they care about. You might not be sure if you should use a bondsman so let's look at four scenarios where it's probably a good idea. Can't Afford Bail This is the simplest and most common reason. Bail bonds are fundamentally financial products. A bail bondsman usually runs a business or works for one that loans the surety money that promises a defendant will return for court hearings.

3 Ways To Get An Auto Loan To Buy A Car

When you want to start shopping for a new car to buy, where do you go to get an auto loan? If you are unsure about where to go, you might want to learn about your options. You can turn to several types of lenders for an auto loan, but where you turn depends on your credit and finances. Here are three of the most common options you can consider using when you need to get a car loan.

3 Ways to Make the Most Out of a Gold Buyer

If you are looking to sell gold coins, jewelry, or bullion, one of the easiest ways to get cash for gold is by going to a gold buyer. Gold buyers are businesses such as pawnshops and jewelry stores willing to buy your gold items for straight-up cash transactions. Nonetheless, when selling your gold items, it is advisable to conduct some due diligence by considering some factors to ensure you get the most out of the transaction.

4 Qualities To Look For In A Venture Capital Partner

Finding venture capital sources can make a gigantic difference in the early days of a business. You can hunt through a venture capital partner portal and make a list, but eventually, you have to turn that list into a set of partners. How do you choose VC partners, though? It's tempting to focus on whoever can provide the most support. However, you may want to consider these four qualities first.

Tips For Getting A Business Loan For Your Company

If you have a business and want to see it grow, you have to get the financing that will help you scale it. Getting a business loan is often one of the best things that you can do to give your company an increase in capital. But not all loans have terms that are advantageous. You have to take your time and go through your options so that your business can enjoy the financial rewards.

Why It's Time For Your Bank To Offer Video Banking Solutions

As a bank, you want your employees to provide customers with solid financial advice that will benefit the customer and the bank. It can be hard to give anyone advice if you have fewer and fewer face-to-face interactions these days. Here's why it might be time for your bank to pivot to video banking solutions. It's a Mobile World Even before COVID-19 happened, many banks were starting to restructure or reduce their in-person staff.

What You Should Know About Bail

If you or a loved one have never been arrested before, then the concepts of bail and licensed bail bonds are likely beyond your current comprehension. However, if a loved one has recently been jailed, you may find yourself in a position of needing to know more about bail and the bail system. Get to know some of the important facts about bail and bail bonds. Then, you can better deal with the current situation with your loved one and help them out.

4 Reasons You Still Need Professional Help After Tax Reform

With the passing of tax reform efforts, many taxpayers wonder if this means that they will now be able to prepare their own taxes. Certainly, some advocates of reform efforts touted the current changes as making things easier and more efficient. But has it turned out so? And can you now try to do it without professional assistance? Here are a few answers. 1. Tax Reform Moved Things Around While much has been made of the simplification of Form 1040, many taxpayers won't notice a particularly simpler form.

3 Easy Steps To Help You Regain Control Of Your Finances

According to a recent survey, 70% of Americans are currently experiencing financial problems. Financial problems can be extremely stressful, and they can lead to health issues if they are not addressed. If you are tired of the financial mess you are in and want to get out of it, you may want to follow these three steps to regain control of your financial state. Be Realistic About Your Situation It can be easy to sense when you have financial problems, simply because there are more bills than money, but do you really know where you stand financially?

Why Buying A Property Is Better Than Leasing For Business Owners

Are you considering purchasing a business space but wondering whether leasing is a better choice? For short-term business solutions, leasing may be the better option. A seasonal business is an example of a short-term business solution. However, if you have plans to stay in business for years to come, it is worth your while to consider the benefits of buying your own space.  Stability When you lease a property, there is always a level of uncertainty.

Veterans May Have Unexpected Benefits After Injury

After leaving the military, many veterans enter the workforce as part of a sometimes difficult transition. The issue of translating military skills to civilian understanding is a known problem, but the underlying health issues of veterans can work their way into civilian jobs. If you're dealing with aches, pains, mobility issues or other health problems that seem to be a little too soon to be blamed on the job, take the time to understand the Veterans Affairs (VA) disability system and the workers compensation system to figure out which may be best for you.

Three Tips For Beginning Investors

Deciding to invest money can be a challenge, particularly if you have never done it before. You might want to make a lot of money, and there are so many ways to do that you might not know where to start. Here are some things to keep in mind when you begin investing. Set Sensible Goals There are a number of ways for you to invest. However, they might not all be suitable for you.

Paying Back A Payday Loan Without Using Your Paycheck

Sometimes you may need a little bit of help before your payday arrives. If you need money immediately, this means that you may need to apply for a payday loan through a service like Payday Express. Cash advance loans are notoriously easy to apply for and to receive, which can help when you are in a bind. However, if you do not pay off the loan as quickly as possible, interest can add up and cost you more than you realized.

3 Types Of Bonds For Getting A Love One Out Of Jail

Finding out a loved one is sitting behind bars can be a frightening and stressful experience. You are now left trying to figure out what to do to get them back out and home where they belong. Thankfully, there are a few different types of bonds available that can help address the situation and get them back out until after their sentencing is done and over with. To help you know what you are dealing with, here are a few of the typical bond options available to your loved one.

Requirements To Obtain A Loan For Dental Work

Cosmetic dental work may seem like a luxury to many patients, especially those who are on a tight budget. Cosmetic dental procedures are those procedures that are not medically necessary but provide a healthy and beautiful smile to patients. There are loans and finance programs available that help patients fund their cosmetic dental work. However, many patients are not aware of these programs or do not fully understand the requirements to obtain a loan for their cosmetic dental needs.

The Do's And Don'ts Of Signing A Bail Bond

A bail bond is a type of insurance policy that makes it possible for an individual who has been arrested and charged of a crime to be released before their trial. By utilizing this type of policy, the individual agrees to show up for every court trial and hearing. Missing just one court session can cause the bail bond to shift to a forfeiture status which can be very bad for the individual who originally signed the bail bond on behalf of the defendant.

Why You Should Clean Your Ancient Coins

If you like collecting old coins, you might generally look for coins that are already nicely cleaned. However, if you haven't yet cleaned your own ancient coins upon purchasing them, you are missing out on a lot of fun. These are a few reasons why many coin collectors like you enjoy cleaning their own coins. You Can Get a Much Better Deal For one thing, you should know that you can get way better deals by purchasing coins that haven't been cleaned rather than only purchasing coins if this job has already been done.

When It Comes To Taxes, The Burden Of Proof Is On You

As a new small business owner, it is important to remember that when it comes to your taxes, the burden of proof is on you. It is your job to keep accurate records of all your transactions and expenses, and back up these records with invoices and receipts. If you are just starting up a small business, you need to make sure that you establish systems that allow you to keep track of all your important tax documents, because if the IRS reviews your taxes, it is up to you to prove that everything you submitted is accurate.

What Are The Benefits Of Payday Loans?

Payday loans get a bad rap because some borrowers choose to extend their loans excessively, which results in substantial fees. Payday lenders must charge a higher fee than traditional lenders, because of the high risk of default.  However, for responsible borrowers, payday loans can save the day when you need fast cash and have limited options due to credit problems. Payday loans also have practical advantages over other sources of fast cash.

Gold Coin Buyer? Some Other Uses For Gold That You May Find Interesting

If you are a gold buyer, you may be interested to know that gold is used for many more things than jewelry. Gold has many qualities that make it the metal of choice by many industries. Below are three things that gold is used for that may just surprise you. Food and Drink You will find gold laced food in some high quality gourmet foods. Gold does not have any taste at all, so it is not used to enhance the flavor.

Steps To Take If Your Husband Has Been Arrested

Getting a call from your husband and learning that he has been arrested can be very disturbing and stressful. If you have never been in this situation before, its easy to be confused about what you should do and how you can get him out of jail. Use the following advice if your husband has been arrested: Contact a Lawyer Criminal charges that land a person in jail are a serious matter, so it is in your husband's best interest for you to contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

3 Things To Avoid Doing When Using A Fast Cash Loan

Fast cash loans are a convenient way to get money quickly. If you find yourself in a small financial jam a fast cash loan may be able to get you out of it. However, there are a number of things like high-interest rates and extra fees that can make paying back a fast cash loan difficult. If you aren't careful you can easily find yourself in debt after using a fast cash loan.

You Can Negotiate Overdraft Fees With Your Bank

When you have a checking account, all it takes is one dropped decimal point and you can end up with a bounced check and an overdraft fee. That fee can be a bitter pill to swallow. However, you can negotiate with the bank to lessen or even waive that fee. So, how do you do that? Stay Calm Think about how you would like to be treated if you were the person on the other side of the phone.

Tips For Finding Your Loved One's Bail Amount

What do you do when you know your friend or family member is being held on bail -- but you don't know for how much, or potentially even where? This can happen quite easily. You might get a midnight voice mail that's sparse on details, or you might hear about it from a third party. Because individuals in jail don't have free access to contact their friends and family members, you're going to have to do a bit of legwork yourself.

Three Things "Online Banking Only" Can Offer That Brick And Mortar Banks Cannot

Online only banks are the best kept financial secret. Why is that? Because brick and mortar banks do not want you to know how much better internet banks are at a lot of things. Although the benefits to online-only internet banks are not universal and you still have to shop around to get all of the benefits you want, these virtual financial institutions can still offer you more. Here are three things online only banks do better than brick and mortar banks.

4 Things To Consider Before Taking Out A Personal Loan

If you're strapped for cash and need some financial assistance to pay for an upcoming expense, you may be considering applying for a personal loan. This can be a great way to get the cash that you need so that you have less stress and can continue going about your everyday life. Take a look at the following information to better understand what you should consider before taking out a personal loan.

Tips For A First Time Home Buyer

Looking for your first home is very exciting. Going house to house and imagining yourself living in one of those homes is a part of the fun of buying your first home. You have to remember when shopping around to be realistic about your budget. You may be pre-approved for a larger amount than you can actually afford, and you need to remember this. Don't stretch yourself too far, where all you can afford is your mortgage itself and nothing else.

Are You Interested In Buying A Home But Have No Idea Where To Start? Start Here

If you are considering purchasing a home in the near future and you think you have the credentials to do so, you want to sit down with different mortgage officers at your local banks. There are a lot of different things you may not know when it comes to the home buying process or how much it's really going to cost you. The mortgage professional can look at your credentials and tell you if you are pre-qualified before they pull your credit score.

4 Steps For Healthy Portfolio Management

When you are looking to make the most of your finances so that your money can grow for your future stability, it will require some portfolio management. It takes some specific and consistent action on your behalf to make sure that you are best able to grow your finances in a way that makes the most sense. Follow the procedures and steps below and use them, so that you are able to invest with confidence.

The Federal Reserve Is Working On Plans To Improve The Speed And Safety Of The Banking Industry

Online banking is becoming a very popular service to people today, and approximately 69 million Americans currently use it for their banking needs. One of the few downsides of online banking is the problem with the length of time it can take for transactions to clear. This is a problem for customers, businesses, and banks, but the Federal Reserve is currently finding ways to improve the speed of this system.